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  The Unfair Advantage® Update

This is the first "issue" of the Update. It is intended to share success stories, answer questions about NLP applications, and announce new workshops. If you are on our e-mail list, you will be sent an announcement each time the Update is, well, updated. If you would like to see us respond to a specific question or application, please send us a note and let us know. We want to make this newsletter as useful as possible. We want you to get The Unfair Advantage in everything that you do.

This issue includes a welcome note, two stories from the field and the "hint-of-the-month." We hope you find it useful!


Welcome to The Unfair Advantage Update

This is the place we will share ideas and applications to help you get even more from the book or workshop, "The Unfair Advantage: Sell with NLP!" It is also a site for you to ask questions. If we cannot answer the question, we will post it for everyone to see and invite others to send us their best answers for you. We will also tell you stories of successful NLP applications that readers and clients have sent us. (Thanks to so many of you for your stories! It is good to see the impact of The Unfair Advantage in the stories you tell us.)

In the future, this space will also be used to introduce you to ways to use "metaprograms", the so-called missing chapter from the book.

For those of you interested in workshops, we are trying a new approach. Although we will continue to announce dates for the occasional public workshop, our experience has shown us that we do not have the time or resources to actively promote such programs. However, many of you want to attend a full-day workshop. Therefore, if you want a workshop in your area, send us an e-mail with the nearest major city where you would like to attend. As soon as we get enough interest in an area, we will schedule a program.


The Unfair Advantage in action: #1

A group facilitator for a worldwide organization of CEO's recently told us how he uses "well-formed outcome" statements with prospects for his fee-based development/coaching program. He uses a full VAK mix and asks each person, "How do you see yourself benefiting from a group of peers who can give you feedback and insights on your leadership and your organization?" (We have suggested that he add, "...who will tell you what you may or may not want to hear and help you see yourself through the eyes of others who are your CEO peers." ) He reports excellent success in enrolling new members who fit the program well. They join knowing what to expect and ready to participate. In spite of the economy which has hit small to medium-sized businesses hard, he maintains full groups and his turnover is low.

The Unfair Advantage in action: #2

An attorney in Chicago recently told us this story. He had been trying for several years to land a corporate client who resisted his proposals. One day, he invited the executive to join him at a Cubs game. He had taken the prospect to games in the past, but this time he was determined to remember his NLP workshop training. He mirrored the executive throughout the nine innings. At the conclusion of the game, the executive turned to him and asked, "Why don't you call me next week, and we'll see if we can put a formal relationship together?" The company is now a client of the attorney. File this story under "The Power of Mirroring."

Hint for the month

When you are interviewing a candidate or meeting with a prospect, if he/she is responding without moving his/her eyes, you do not have enough rapport to be effective. The person is not really thinking about what you are saying or asking. You are getting rehearsed or superficial answers. Work on rapport building until you see the eyes move. Then and only then are you ready to address substantial issues with the other person. When the eyes move, you know the person is listening and thinking about what you are saying.

Questions or stories to share? E-mail us: drlakin@lakinassociates.com



Last modified: March, 2015
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